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What is the use of C language in real life?

Many people don't know what is the use of C Language in real life. They are not aware why they are learning 'C'. Well this is for them. Let's see where C is used in real world.
Embedded devices use C. Microcontrollers like 8051,AVR and PIC uses basics of C language to program controllers.
C is used in the guts of most operating systems, especially for time-critical systems or to optimize graphical routines .
Real time operating systems use C. Parts of some other operating systems, such as the Linux kernel, are written in C. Some hardware drivers are written in C.
C can also be used for website programming using CGI as a "gateway" for information between the Web application, the server, and the browser.

How to install C Compiler?

After the download is complete extract the tc3 folder

How to make your first C program?

Here we will teach how you can start and make your first C program. C language is middle level language`.

To run a C program you need to have a C Compiler. Compiler is used to interpret our syntax (our program) into the machine code so that machine can understand our code.

 When we save the program an exe file along with Obj file is made. OBJ file is the machine code. You can easily download a Borland C compiler through internet.

After installing it you will find under TC folder - BGI | BIN | INCLUDE | LIB folders. Here we will only consider the BIN folder and the INCLUDE Folder for the moment. BIN folder contains TC.EXE.

 Execute this file then you will see something like we see below. All code written in c language is written in lower case letters. Now Lets make a program in C, here's what you need to do. Go to File menu and click new as shown below

By default the page opens as NONAME00.CPP. If you want to program in C++/CPP save page with .CPP extension.(Note: below is a c prog. its not a c++ prog.)

Rename the file and save it by your name with extension as 'c' e.g name.c as shown below. Now write this code as shown below in your TC. This c program on compilation will print your name.

For compiling this c program press ALT-F9.The output on compilation will print this as follows:


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